LLJ Ventures is the private equity arm of the LM Group, a money management firm with over $7 billion of assets under management. Through syndication of equity from its clients, LLJ Ventures invests in a wide range of Commercial Real Estate projects that include condominiums, hotels, retail, office, and multi-family, among others. Over the past 3 years, LLJ Ventures has acquired assets worth over $750 million and has been successful at delivering above market returns. Part of its strategy is to be actively involved in the asset management of each property, making sure the projects are running as expected and acting fast when they are not. LLJ Ventures is agnostic to geography and asset class as long there is an opportunity to create risk-adjusted returns. In addition to market deals and thanks to the extensive experience of its principals, LLJ has been involved in the acquisition of distressed assets, Real Estate Owned (REO), Tenant In Common (TIC) restructurings, debt financing, and recapitalization of real estate assets in bankruptcy. LLJ Ventures is based in San Diego, California and its parent company, the LM Group, has been in the business for over 30 years.